Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Addiction Advice from a Drug Pusher

It started out never eating sugar cereals.
Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies
Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies
Oh how I wanted to eat those Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms
Randy always had sugar cereals at his house.
Now that I'm older I can eat whatever I want.
Except I don't feel so good after eating three bowls of Captain Crunch
before I go to bed.

Out of college into management training.
Coffee and donuts every morning.
Cookies and pop every afternoon.
My brand new suit was getting smaller and smaller.
I felt like the Hulk breaking out of my clothes.
I wonder if I will ever see that weight again.

Zak was a cute baby.
He was cute and liked to cry. Especially before my bed time.
Inconsolable I would strap him in his car seat and go for a drive.
Why we ended up at Taco Bell at midnight I do not know.
It seemed like the right thing to do except I did not feel so good when I finally got back to bed.
Zak would sleep while I lay awake. Apparently a 32 oz. Coca Cola has trace amounts of caffeine.

My wife found the Cheeto wrappers under the seat of the car.
I didn't really think I had a problem until she counted fourteen empty orange bags.
Or maybe it was the orange dust under my finger nails.
I confessed my weakness and asked for accountability and a wet wipe to clean my fingers.

Larry pushed the salted caramels my way.
"Only one", I said, "they are addictive".
(I should know because I ate half a bag at Christmas.)
"Salted caramels are very addictive I told Larry.
"Only if you allow it", Larry said.
"Only if you allow it".

I would like to thank Larry at Costco for showing me that the salted caramels d0 not have power over me but rather I have power over the salted caramels. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. His grace is sufficient for me. Help me Jesus.


Dr.Lar said...

Thank you "Mr. Zuerk" I am very pleased that you picked up on where the real power lies. The Master teacher seems to be ever present, if we but just listen, reflect, and act. larry

Tim Kreuz said...

Good words.
Fourteen empty cheeto bags... wow!

However, I see you're not willing to come clean on the Word Mole addiction.... What's your highest level now?