Thursday, July 23, 2009

Street People

Carl sits in a lawn chair in front of the pawn shop
He sips choclate milk and scratches off lottery tickets
I think he supports his choclate milk habit with his lottery winnings
He told me a dirty joke once, I think, but I couldn't comprehend him
I'm not sure of his job description but his cherry cigars smell nice

Jimmy asks for money and I say no but I will buy him some food
We go to get hotdogs, chips and pop at the gas station
He tells me about his sister in West Virginia who has money
I guess he is planning a trip to visit her and drink beers
I'm fairly certain he made up this story

Shaky Jake wants a $1 for bus fair, I say no but counter with a sandwich
Ham and swiss but no mustard. It's too spicy.
A bottle of Coke but no chips because they are not healthy.
I wonder how he feels about alcohol.

Preacher man stands at the corner telling everyone they are adulterers and whore mongers.
A monger is someone who promotes something that is undesirable.
I'm sure most people think he is irritating. I do.
It seems to me his promotion of the gospel is undesirable.
I think next time I see him I'll tell him that Jesus love's him.

I gave a guy money once for bus fare
He was going to Cleveland to see his sick mother
I think she was dying but I'm fairly certain he made up this story
My guess is I financed his illicit drug use
From now on it's hot dogs, chips, pop and an occasional espresso.

"Paralytics, lunatics and the back-street fringes
All find a place in Your home, at Your table
And You make them well 'cos You're willing and able"

from the song "Who Knows When the Sunrise Will Be" by Bill Mallonee (

Jesus said the poor we'll always have with us.
I hope to break bread with Carl, Jimmy and Shaky Jake
Preacher man can come too

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Took my brown bag lunch to the park
Found the shade under the tree
Settled in for a quick bite and quicker nap
Alarmed and disturbed by the sights and sounds
Two men Greco-Roman Wrestling on a tablecloth
Can't eat
Can't sleep
May as well work