Tuesday, March 25, 2008


How many songs have been written?
How many melodies have been wrought out of the heart of man, the heart of God?
How many rhythms, rhymes, and beats?

I'm looking for You on my radio dial.
On the airwaves and satellite rays I'm trying to tune you in.
Somewhere you are singing to me

Listening to the radio in the backseat of my mothers station wagon
my brothers scratchy 45's, 8 tracks, cassettes, CD's, and MP3's
I will not shy away from this tecnological age

I'm listening for You
Only You who wired me understand why.
Only You who wired me know the exact frequency
Only You can make me in tune, bring me in time,
"I have heard the Big Music and I'll never be the same "

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Orange Shirt with the Smiling Face

It's not my favorite shirt but I thought it was more visable
Not that I thought anyone would recognize me but you
Nontheless I wanted to be seen by you while I was out running in the street
Something to keep me going until I reached the end

I had an idea where you might be
Somewhere around mile 13
I looked and looked to catch your eye
Looking for me, the orange shirt with the smiling face

Well I saw you there with your hand waving high
Your smile mirroring mine or was it mine mirroring yours
I ran straight for you even though it was a little off track
Hoping to get a kiss or a pat on the back

I had an idea that you would be at the end
Near the finish line somewhere looking for me
I'm glad I wore something bright for you to see
So my eyes could catch yours looking for the orange shirt with the smiling face