Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Orange Shirt with the Smiling Face

It's not my favorite shirt but I thought it was more visable
Not that I thought anyone would recognize me but you
Nontheless I wanted to be seen by you while I was out running in the street
Something to keep me going until I reached the end

I had an idea where you might be
Somewhere around mile 13
I looked and looked to catch your eye
Looking for me, the orange shirt with the smiling face

Well I saw you there with your hand waving high
Your smile mirroring mine or was it mine mirroring yours
I ran straight for you even though it was a little off track
Hoping to get a kiss or a pat on the back

I had an idea that you would be at the end
Near the finish line somewhere looking for me
I'm glad I wore something bright for you to see
So my eyes could catch yours looking for the orange shirt with the smiling face


Tim Kreuz said...


Nate Merritt said...

dang BJ, i didn't know u wrote!

kreuzkontrol said...

Dad this is amazing!