Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Street People 2

I went to the Shell station to buy some gum.
Larry asks for 40 cents to take a shower.
I sense he is telling the truth while I'm explaining I don't hand out cash.
I said I would buy him a sandwich.
With reluctance he accepts and asks for chips and a pop.

Shelly wanted $1.00 for some food.
She was homeless, jobless, hungry and pregnant.
I didn't doubt it...at least most of it.
In typical fashion I counter with food.
I said I would buy her a sandwich.
We crossed the street to Quizno's and she realized I would really buy her a sandwich. She wanted to make sure I wouldn't settle with giving her cash. I was good, I would buy the sandwich. She cussed at me and walked away. I guess she wasn't hungry.